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Manhattan Information Systems is a Gold Member in Ergotron’s Signature Circle Program. As a Gold member we receive the highest level of support and distribution from Ergotron.

“We are committed to making ergonomics affordable for computer users everywhere, helping to make lives healthier and more productive.” – CEO, Joel Hazzard

In today’s world, you need to do more with less. That’s why Ergotron is dedicated to making affordable products that adapt technology to the physical needs of any individual. Our human-centered designs create an environment that improves productivity and efficiency while promoting health and wellness.

You can find Ergotron display mounts, workstations and carts wherever computer users access information. Whether it’s in healthcare, education, business, manufacturing or at home, chances are we have a solution to fit your needs. For more information, please visit our web site

Our newest initiative is called: What is it? It’s for office workers who sit long hours each day, trapped in a sedentary work style. If that’s you, your body is probably craving movement and restoration. Just standing a little more each day will burn extra calories, tone muscles, increase blood flow and ramp up metabolism. Find the tools and information you need to assess your situation, and then create a healthier workspace and a healthier you—visit

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