What is PrintSerVe?

If your company is spending too much time, money and technical resources supporting your printer environment it’s time to make a change. Manhattan Information Systems has created PrintSerVe and our focus is servicing your printers with no out of pocket expenses for parts and labor when you purchase our toner. It is a program to reduce your costs and at the same time you can focus on other technology to make your time more productive. Our other goal is to give you a single point of contact to streamline and effectively manage your purchasing and distribution of consumables throughout your environment.

Why a Managed Service?

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to trim cost and increase productivity. Having one trusted source for all your printer needs can help save money and leverage your existing resources for maximum output. PrintSerVe makes the most of your printer environment without breaking your budget in the process.

PrintSerVe can also evaluate your current printer environment and recommend changes that dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership. It is the only end-to-end solution designed to work with any printer environment, saving you money on new equipment while practically eliminating the time you spent on maintenance.

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