CIARA is a leading global provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and services to small and medium sized businesses (‘"SMBs’’), large enterprises (Top 1000) and the public sectors including government, defense and educational entities. CIARA serve customers located in more than 60 countries across 5 continents.

CIARA designs, develops, markets, services and supports a variety of computer systems ranging from mobile devices to high-end supercomputers. These systems includes personal computers, mobile devices (Laptops and Tablets), industry standard servers (ATLAS rack-mount or tower servers), Telco/Carrier Grade servers and appliances, High Performance Computing systems such as the NEXXUS® Personal Cluster, the KRONOS workstations, the TITAN GPU servers and finally our newly introduced world’s record breaking S product line of single and dual overclocked processors server and graphic workstations.

Ciara also offers a comprehensive suite of lifecycle management and OEM/ODM services, including solution design, engineering, manufacturing outsourcing, integration control, global logistics, support and maintenance. Founded in 1984, Ciara is located in a 576,500 Sqft. (53,700 M2) building (headquarter and primary manufacturing site) in Montreal, Canada plus additional offices in Canada (Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa) and the United States (Boston, Minneapolis and Phoenix).

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