Storage Solutions (enterprise approved)

2012 HP Preferred Partner Gold: Enterprise Storage Specialist

MIS is a world-class services organization with extensive experience in storage infrastructure design and implementation. As part of the proposed solution, MIS helps in defining effective storage architecture that incorporates both new and existing technology. MIS consulting also helps optimize the environment to increase resource efficiency, enhance staff productivity, and enable infrastructure scalability. As strategic information assets grow, you can remain confident that your storage systems will continue to deliver the highest possible levels of integrity and availability.

MIS Storage Services organization has developed a suite of technical support services that helps companies implement scalable storage solutions more rapidly and protects their vital information more effectively.

MIS offers technical assistance, training, and storage-implementation services for HP StorageWorks Disk Arrays, Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage, and Fibre Channel technology. By working directly with MIS storage specialists on backup and recovery planning, remote-site mirroring, and disaster recovery, your company will understand how to best choose and apply the latest storage techniques and technology advancements.

MIS storage consulting services include:

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